Testimonials on Our Truck Refrigeration Solutions

There is no greater compliment to our business than a loyal, happy customer and since 1990 we’ve been delivering quality engineered solutions to ensure our clients meet and achieve their business objectives. Listen to what customers are saying about ATC’s direct drive refrigeration systems, and find out if they would recommend our refrigeration solutions. Here are a few acknowledgements of their ongoing satisfaction.

Big Country Raw

Rob Brouwer - Co-Owner of Big Country Raw utilizes ATC refrigeration systems on his fleet of delivery vehicles.“It was important to have a manufacturer of Refrigeration equipment that could easily meet our needs and we’ve had great success with the ATC units. They’ve proven to be reliable, easy to operate and after a busy day of 50 deliveries, still able to maintain the temps. I would strongly recommend ATC to anyone seeking reliable and cost effective refrigeration equipment for their delivery fleet.”

Video Testimonials

Aircon Services & Reefer Sales

Dave Chilvers – President
Dave Chilvers, President of Aircon Service & Reefer Sales speaks about ATC Truck Refrigeration systems.

Visionaire, Inc.

“Overall, I believe ATC is a good solid company that offers a good product line along with excellent customer support. I would highly recommend them to any potential dealers.”

Frank Pechacek, President

Westbrook Floral Ltd.

“ATC gives me one less thing to worry about. Excellent product, easy to maintain, easy to operate and a company that stands behind the product. Without doubt, I would strongly recommend ATC to anyone requiring [direct drive] refrigeration systems.”

Peter Snyder, Maintenance Manager