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Refrigerated Delivery Trucks

For many products, refrigerated delivery is not an option, It Is A Must!

Refrigerated delivery trucks have been such an integral part of the supply chain, that it’s impossible to imagine life without the products they transport. In 1938  Frederick McKinley Jones invented the Refrigeration unit. Later with the creation of the interstate highway system, refrigerated transportation of goods became and continues to be an important aspect of perishable and temperature sensitive products.

The cold chain as it is known is the method and process of transporting products while ensuring they remain fresh, kept from deterioration and losing their value. The global trade of perishable items has increased in the past years causing a larger demand for quick transportation. This is not only true for food, such as produce, meat, and dairy, but also for other sensitive items such as medical products and pharmaceuticals.

Mobile refrigeration by ATC Truck Refrigeration for delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables. Mobile refrigeration by ATC Truck Refrigeration for delivery of dairy products.Mobile refrigeration by ATC Truck Refrigeration for delivery of pharmaceuticals.Mobile refrigeration by ATC Truck Refrigeration for delivery of fresh meats.
Mobile refrigeration by ATC Truck Refrigeration for delivery of all your perishable foods.Mobile refrigeration by ATC Truck Refrigeration for delivery of fresh seafood.Mobile refrigeration by ATC Truck Refrigeration for delivery of fresh bakery products. Mobile refrigeration by ATC Truck Refrigeration for delivery of pharmaceuticals.

The development of temperature-controlled products is growing at a rate that is more than double the rate of growth in non-temperature controlled products. Since its inception, mobile refrigeration has continued to improve as the demand has increased. Delivering temperature and time-sensitive goods like flowers, bakery, and dairy products, frozen foods, pharmaceuticals and even goods that require dual temperature settings during transport, are all made easier with a refrigerated solution from ATC.


Many businesses are looking to add more fuel-efficient vehicles to their urban delivery fleet and auto manufacturers provide a wide range of options for the growing van market. Reefers, as they are called, were initially used on straight trucks, semi or tractor trailers. Today, vans built as an alternative to traditional straight trucks provide a cost-effective and efficient design. From small cargo vans to high roof extended wheelbase vans with almost the same cargo carrying capacity as a traditional 12 ft straight truck, today’s refrigerated delivery vans are designed with utility, safety and the optimal cargo carrying capacity in mind. 


Choosing the right reefer system for your refrigerated delivery truck or van can be overwhelming. ATC offers several types of refrigeration units to meet your distribution needs. Whether it’s a fleet or a single delivery van, our direct drive refrigeration systems perform consistently. Your confidence is assured in knowing your fresh and frozen goods are safe, kept at the perfect temperature by reliable ATC refrigeration units.

  • ATC is an endorsed, Mercedes Benz Master Upfitter delivering quality engineered solutions for over 25 years.
  • Delivering temperature and time-sensitive goods are made easier with a proven, dependable refrigerated solution from ATC.
  • ATC’s refrigeration units do not require “special”  diagnostic equipment or software for the units to be repaired and serviced.
  • ATC’s electrical power distribution components are readily available and don’t require brand specific components.
  • ATC has a proven record of ensuring fresh deliveries and achieving business objectives.
  • Simplicity; Designed To Perform and Built To Last. 


ATC Truck Refrigeration is the solution provider you need for all your transport refrigeration solutions.
Contact the direct drive refrigeration specialist nearest you or call ATC today to see what our experience and products can do for you.

 Not sure if you need a Reefer? These articles will provide more information to help with your decision.


The Man Who Invented the Refrigerated Truck

Frederick McKinley Jones is the inventor of the refrigeration unit. He invented the first portable air-cooling unit, also referred to as the refrigeration unit. With his innovations, mobile refrigeration was improved for the long-distance transport of medical supplies, food, and other perishable goods.

Biography: Before The Portable Refrigeration Unit

Frederick McKinley Jones was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in late Spring of 1893. By the time he was 14 years old, he was able to work with automobiles as a naturally skilled mechanic. From there he continued to self-educate, read and study material that contributed to his natural mechanical ability and innovative mind.

Jones continued to seek advancement and moved from Cincinnati to Hallock, Minnesota. He gained employment as a mechanic on a farm and eventually joined the U.S. Army during World War I. After his time in the military, he returned to Hallock as a mechanic. He continued self-educating, and with his natural mechanical ability, he was able to grasp the intricacies of electronics. From what he learned he was able to build a transmitter for the town’s radio station. During this period, Jones also invented a device that would revolutionize Cinema. He built a device that could finally combine sound with a motion picture. This actually caught the eye of Joseph A. Numero in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jones began working for Numero in 1930, helping to improve the firm’s sound equipment.

The First Portable Air-Cooling Unit

Jones continued to invent and expand his understanding of mechanics and electronics. In 1938, he designed the portable air-cooling units used on trucks that carry perishable goods. By 1940, he received a patent for it and Joseph A. Numero decided to sell his Cinema sound equipment firm in order to go into business with Jones. They formed a new company that specialized in refrigerated/cooling units. It became a multi-million dollar company by 1949 with the introduction of the refrigerated truck.

Frederick McKinley Jones is the Inventor of the Refrigeration Unit and the father of mobile refrigeration for the transportation of perishable goods.

Image is the property of Black History In America

Frederick McKinley Jones is the inventor of the refrigeration unit. He invented the first portable air-cooling unit, also referred to as the refrigeration unit. With his innovations, mobile refrigeration was improved for the long distance transport of medical supplies, food, and other perishable goods

Image is the property of the Minnesota Historical Society

The designs for the portable air-cooling unit were especially important during World War II. They were used to help transport perishable goods throughout the military hospitals and across the open battlefields. It helped preserve food, maintain medicines, and other time-sensitive goods. Medical tents and army hospitals were able to receive blood for their patients. Those on the battlefield didn’t starve to death because they were able to receive supplies due to the portable air-cooling unit.

  • Top Honors and Awards

Jones continued to invent, earning as many as 61 patents in his lifetime. The majority of his inventions were for refrigeration equipment, but his other inventions helped many industries. For instance, he received further patents for portable X-ray machines, improved audio/sound equipment, and more efficient gasoline engines. As an entrepreneur and inventor, it wasn’t long before he got the recognition he deserved. Frederick Mckinley Jones became the first African American to be included in the American Society of Refrigeration-Engineers by 1944. This led to more work in the 1950s, consulting for the U.S. DoD (department of defense) as well as the Bureau of Standards.

Jones passed away in Minneapolis in the early Spring of 1961 after battling cancer. During his lifetime and well after his death, he continued getting the recognition he deserved. By 1977, he was included in Minnesota’s Inventors Hall of Fame. In 1991, his widow was awarded the National Medal of Technology on his behalf. Now known as the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, this medal is considered one of the highest honors awarded to citizens who made significant contributions to technological development. Jones was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2007 for his exceptional patents and work in the field of refrigeration.

Today’s Refrigerated Truck

It’s hard to Imagine Life without Refrigerated trucks. Today, the refrigeration unit helps transport flowers, chocolates, meats, medical supplies and so much more. A refrigerated truck, also known as a reefer, can transport dairy products, frozen foods, even goods that require dual temperature settings during transport. Mobile refrigeration has continued to improve since its inception and delivering temperature and time-sensitive goods are made easier with a refrigerated truck, van, or trailer. 

Why Advanced Temperature Control (ATC)

ATC offers several types of refrigeration units to meet your distribution needs. Whether it’s a fleet or a single delivery van, our direct drive refrigeration systems perform continuously day after day, year after year. Your confidence is assured in knowing your fresh and frozen goods are safe, kept at the perfect temperature by reliable ATC refrigeration units.

  • Looking for an endorsed, Mercedes Benz Master Upfitter delivering quality engineered solutions for over 25 years?
  • Do you have time or temperature sensitive products that need a proven, dependable refrigerated solution for your truck, van, or trailer?
  • Need to ensure your delivery needs and business objectives are achieved?

Advanced Temperature Control is the solution provider you need for all your transport refrigeration solutions. Contact ATC today and we’ll show you how or locate the dealer nearest you.


Green Commercial Vehicle Program

The Green Commercial Vehicle Program (GCVP) is an incentive-based program for the commercial transportation sector, where incentives are provided upon proof of purchase as outlined below:

• For the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles such as electric, natural gas or diesel-natural gas dual fuel vehicles, incentive amounts range from 15-50% of the incremental purchase cost of an eligible vehicle as compared to an equivalent conventional fuel vehicle.

• For fuel saving devices, the incentive amount is 30-50% of the purchase and installation cost, of the aerodynamic device, anti-idling device or electric refrigeration unit. See the list of approved devices.

The GCVP will also include a stream of funding for Commercial Transportation Innovation Pilots. Further details on this portion of the program will be available in 2018.

All eligible purchases made on or after September 1, 2017, will be eligible to apply for incentives. Purchases made on or before March 31, 2018, will be eligible for an early adopter incentive worth an additional 10% for up to 10 vehicles or devices.

Please complete the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form and submit the completed form directly to Ontario Shared Services at the address noted in the EFT guide. (link available in Program Guidelines section below)

Applicants must also enroll in the One-Key (Transfer Payment Common Registry) to establish a Transfer Payment Account. Once notified, the applicant must then access Grants Ontario to enter the GCVP application system.

Applications to the Green Commercial Vehicles Program must be submitted electronically through the Grants Ontario System (GOS).

Applications for Green Commercial Vehicle Program Now Open; MTO to Host Webinar

MTO has announced the application form for the Green Commercial Vehicle Program (GCVP) is now online through Grants Ontario. Applicants can apply for the program by logging in and submitting an application using the Grants Ontario Portal.

The GCVP was championed by OTA as a way for the industry to receive the benefit of funds carriers pay through carbon pricing. The program provides rebates towards the purchase of alternative-fuel vehicles and fuel-saving devices, including natural gas and electric technologies.

In addition, MTO will be hosting a webinar in partnership with Grants Ontario on Friday, February 9th from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm. The webinar session will cover:

  • A brief program overview
  • A walk-through of how to apply through Grants Ontario
  • Tips for submitting multiple applications
  • A Q/A session for participants

Members are encouraged to take part in the webinar by sending an RSVP to GCVP@ontario.ca. MTO will share the webinar details directly with participants.

Members with additional questions regarding program details, the application process or the Grants Ontario system can contact GCVP@ontario.ca for more information.

Direct Drive Refrigeration Systems

For over 30 years, ATC has built a reputation for manufacturing direct drive truck and van refrigeration systems. We are proud to offer eco-friendly, efficient and cost-effective systems to refrigerate our vehicles. The Reefers are powered by the vehicle engine as opposed to systems that use additional diesel engines to power the units. It is our priority to continuously update and improve our line of direct drive truck refrigeration products to meet the requirements of today’s competitive markets.

Direct Drive Truck and Van Refrigeration Systems

Truck refrigeration units are divided into non-independent and independent refrigeration units, depending on the power source driving the refrigeration system. Independent refrigeration units use a separate small diesel engine to power the refrigeration system, Non-independent truck refrigeration units or direct driven truck refrigeration units, get their name and power from the vehicle’s engine to drive a refrigeration compressor. The compressor is mounted within the engine compartment to a dual mount kit supporting an additional compressor that enables refrigeration to the cargo area. The mounting of the compressor to the vehicle’s engine is critical to the operation of the system and so close work with the vehicle manufacturer’s to ensure compatibility with the vehicle’s engine, optimum performance and most importantly, reliability is done.

Nose or Front Mounted Truck Refrigeration Unit 

Installing the condenser in the front of truck containers or the box is called Nose or Front mounted refrigeration systems.

Martel refrigerated delivery trucks ensures freshness with ATC nosemount systems. Call ATC today to discuss your refrigerated solution.



Roof Top Mounted Van Refrigeration Units

Installing the condenser on the roof of the van or cargo area is called roof mounted or Roof Top Van refrigeration units.

Delaware Valley Floral Sprinter and Transit reefer delivery fleet, uses ATC16-RT to guarantee freshness in every delivery.



What Sets ATC Apart

The Mercedes-Benz Master Upfitter program ensures that Mercedes-Benz only works with top upfitters and bodybuilding specialists. As a certified Master Upfitter, ATC Truck Refrigeration is a member of this exclusive network of Master Upfitters. Our Refrigerated Sprinter and Metris solutions meet the high-quality standards expected from Mercedes-Benz and remain diligent in our commitment to self-certification practices including Body and Equipment Guidelines.

Our custom refrigeration solutions are direct drive which means our solutions are powered by the vehicle’s engine. With this feature, the refrigeration unit becomes an integrated and more reliable delivery vehicle. Furthermore, it can help avoid the added operational cost of a secondary diesel engine and delivers the dependability needed to efficiently transport the goods. To further simplify, the ongoing cost of operation our electrical systems have been designed without complex circuit boards and other costly components.  We use the standard “off the shelf” components so our customers can replace parts at an affordable price.

Through our extensive dealer network, we provide ongoing service support and installation with coverage throughout North America, Guam, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, to ensure your company has the best and most efficient direct drive refrigeration system to ensure the consistent and safe delivery of your products.

At Advanced Temperature Control, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products. We’re confident our direct drive refrigeration systems will give you peace of mind, knowing your products are safe, kept at the perfect temperature by reliable ATC units. Call us today at 1-833-878-5282Designed To Perform and Built To Last.

5 Fast Facts About Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated trucks and vans have contributed to a network of growing delivery markets. They are the perfect resource for businesses looking to deliver quality products and services. A refrigerated truck could mean the difference between your perishable goods making it to the sales floor or the waste bin. Here are five fast facts to provide a deeper understanding of the benefits of a refrigerated truck or customized delivery vehicle.

1. Direct Drive Reliability

Our custom refrigeration solutions are direct drive systems. This means that our solutions are powered by the vehicle’s engine. With this feature, the refrigeration unit becomes a more reliable delivery vehicle. Furthermore, it can help avoid the added cost of a secondary diesel engine. With this type of design, the direct drive delivers the dependability needed to efficiently transport the goods.

2. Safe Product Transport

Refrigerated trucks have been used to transport a variety of products that range from life-saving medications to live insects and animals. Reefers have been used to transport honey bees and penguins, amongst other things, which need controlled temperatures when being transported between environments. Refrigerated vans and trailers have also benefited tech and electronic companies. Many people are unaware that certain electronic devices need cool to cold temperatures for optimal operating capacity.

Floral delivery companies also utilize refrigerated vans and trailers to keep their products from prematurely wilting. Companies that sell perfume often use refrigerated trucks because the merchandise needs to be maintained at cool temperatures. This prevents the chemicals in the perfumes and colognes from heating up and changing the scent. Galleries, Museums, and Art Firms often rely on refrigerated vehicles to deliver priceless artwork. This is especially important for older art pieces that have temperature sensitive paints, oils, and canvases.

3. Refrigeration and Heating Units

Your truck can have a refrigeration unit or a heating unit to ensure your goods are at the correct temperature during transport. Our direct drive refrigeration units are designed to meet any of your temperature needs. Perfect for folks looking for refrigerated vans with heating units to maintain their live fish en route to the pet store. If you’re looking for a refrigerated unit that can maintain freezing temperatures for meat, poultry, or seafood than consider our direct drive reefers.

Knowing which kind of refrigeration unit will work the best for your company or clients needs is only half the battle. There are two kinds of refrigeration systems available, roof mounted and nose mounted. Nose mounted refrigeration units are ideal for medium sized boxed trucks, trailers, and vans. The unit is installed on the outside front-end of the chassis. This design can make it easier to access the unit for regular maintenance needs. If you have lighter commercial delivery vehicles, like a fleet of vans, using a nose-mounted system may be recommended.

Roof-mounted refrigeration units are ideal for larger vans, trailers, and trucks. The amount of refrigeration needed depends on the average external temperature during transport, the preferred temperature for the products, the amount of heat the products can give off, and the amount of insulation the vehicle has. This type of unit is recommended for companies that specialize in delivering frozen meat, dairy, poultry, or seafood.

4. Reefers

Refrigerated trailers are referred to as reefers in the transportation industry. A refrigerated truck and van are also considered reefers for short. Essentially it’s a term used to describe any type of refrigerated delivery vehicle. There are businesses that have a fleet of reefers, indicating they have several delivery vehicles for their needs. If you’re interested in expanding your delivery chain, consider the fleet options available with ATC.

5. Customize Your Refrigerated Trucks

ATC designs and manufactures the refrigeration units, so we can easily customize a truck refrigeration solution to your client’s unique temperature needs. Floral companies, for instance, benefit from warm and cold temperatures for delivery. This is because of the variety of sensitive tropical plants available. With the right refrigeration unit, you can have multiple customized temperature settings, which is a feature known as dual temperature setting. It is great for various products requiring different temperatures during transport.

The cargo area is customized to accommodate multiple temperature sensitive products. One space is for the merchandise that needs cool temperatures while the other space can maintain a different environment and temperature level. For added convenience, the reefer can be designed with a temperature gauge inside the cargo area and inside the cab. This makes it easier to monitor the temperatures while the driver is en route to their destination.

Are you looking for a refrigerated truck, van or trailer for your company or clients? Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at ATC for your refrigeration solutions. We’ll match you with a refrigeration unit to meet your needs. Ask our customer service and knowledgeable staff about our top-notch, cost-effective refrigeration solutions.

Advanced Temperature Control is the solution provider you need for all your transport refrigeration solutions.
Contact the direct drive refrigeration specialist nearest you or call ATC today to see what our experience and products can do for you.

For more information about Truck Refrigeration solutions, see below

Refrigerated Trucks Spreading Christmas Cheer

The holidays are here and Christmas is right around the corner. A refrigerated truck, van, and trailer play an important role during the holiday season. Many people may not realize it, but the cold, sometimes freezing temperatures, can negatively impact the products and services being delivered. Don’t let your merchandise go to waste, consider a top of the line refrigerated truck, van, or trailer.

A Refrigerated Truck Delivers Christmas Cheer

What if you couldn’t deliver flowers to friends and/or family over the holidays? Floral companies take advantage of refrigerated vans and small reefer trucks because controlled temperatures play an important part in the life of the plants. Temperatures that are too hot or too cold can result in wilted merchandise, causing huge losses.

Don’t put the goods at risk, take a look at Advanced Temperature Control for refrigeration solutions you can trust through the rough winter months. Rosa Flora and Westbrook Floral Ltd for instance, use ATC’s refrigerated trucks to deliver festive flower arrangements to patrons wanting to wish someone special a Merry Christmas.

Floral delivery refrigerated truck. Let ATC choose a solution for your products.

Refrigerated delivery for Delaware Valley Floral utilizes ATC's proven Truck Refrigeration systems.

Westbrook Refrigerated Fleet uses ATC nose mount refrigerated systems to ensure freshness in every delivery.

Food delivery companies also take advantage of refrigerated vans, trucks, and trailers for perishable bouquets. For example, the popularity of fruit and candy bouquets continues. If the proper temperatures are not maintained, dessert bouquets would be ruined, such as chocolate covered strawberries and yogurt dipped peaches. Candies would melt, fruits would sour,  small businesses would lose money and customers would be disappointed.

Food Delivery Over The Holidays

With the winter months upon us, consumers are starting to look more into ordering their food online for home delivery. Today, you can simply go on your smartphone, click on an APP and order groceries or meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Refrigerated mobile solutions today are capable of maintaining dual temperatures for products that require different settings. Perfect for businesses that need to deliver hot meals while managing to keep desserts chilled or frozen.

Fresh produce, seafood, and meat delivery, all utilize refrigerated trucks, vans, and trailers to maintain the quality of their goods. Foods like fruits, vegetables, salmon, shrimp, beef, and chicken are all temperature sensitive. They require controlled environments to prevent any bacterial growth.

Edible Arrangements uses an ATC14-RT reefer to ensure fresh product delivery every time.Guaranteeing freshness in every delivery for Martel with refrigeration systems from ATC.ATC's Van Refrigeration guarantees fresh fruit and veggies for Field Goods, Athens, NY.

 Foodborne illnesses are a prime example of why it’s important to use a reliable refrigerated truck. Food and safety are a priority concern when it comes to perishable goods and delivery. Bacteria growth on foods could cause serious illnesses such as salmonella, listeria, norovirus, or E. coli.

Finding a reliable refrigeration solution does not have to be a hassle when taking into account these illustrations. At ATC, we stand by our refrigeration solutions and can help folks who are new to reefers or people seeking to upgrade their fleet.

Understanding Your Equipment

It’s important to understand what kind of vehicle would best suit your business needs. Some businesses need refrigerated vans and other companies require refrigerated trucks to transport larger products.

Nose-Mounted Refrigerated Units

These units are commonly used for small or medium-sized refrigerated trucks, vans, and trailers. These units are smaller than roof-mounted ones and are installed on the front-end of the chassis. An installation like this gives you easier access to take care of any maintenance needs. Some examples of companies that utilize nose-mounted refrigerated trucks are floral delivery and frozen meal delivery.

Roof-Mounted Refrigerated Units

These types of units are typically used for large refrigerated trucks, vans, and trailers. Although they are larger than a nose-mounted unit, the power required is necessary to maintain controlled environments for larger deliveries. Some companies that would utilize a roof-mounted unit are dairy delivery, frozen meats, seafood, fish, and poultry companies. These units can also be used on large vans that have been upgraded with extended roofs or for small cargo vans. Small catering businesses and food vendors often use these types of units for their refrigerated truck or van.

How ATC Can Help

ATC offers over 30 years of experience with refrigeration solutions and has the expertise to help small and large businesses alike. Our experts can help you find the right refrigeration unit to meet your delivery needs so you are ready for deliveries over the holiday. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

10 things you need to know about our Truck Refrigeration

Finding van and truck refrigeration systems to start growing your business doesn’t have to be complicated. However, it can be tough when you aren’t sure where to look. Advanced Temperature Control (ATC) offers direct drive truck refrigeration units with high-performance systems that meet the challenges of daily refrigerated delivery.

The following are ten examples of why our customers have come to rely on our products for their mobile refrigeration needs.

  1. We Stay Up to Date

Our line of truck refrigeration products has been continuously updated and improved to meet the requirements of today’s competitive markets.

  1. We Have Dealers all Across North America

Our dealers are located in Canada, America, Guam, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, which offer both installation and ongoing service support. Perfect for businesses and companies that have to distribute their goods long distances. We take into account the external temperatures during delivery in order to accurately customize a system that will maintain optimal temperatures. Regardless of the weather, you can expect reliable refrigeration for any delivery distance.

  1. We Have Refrigeration Units & Heating Systems

We provide both refrigeration units and heating systems to meet your distribution needs. This allows us to cater to the needs of a variety of business ventures. Some examples include cold refrigerated systems for safely transporting frozen meats and seafood; refrigeration units that offer cooler temperatures used for floral and fresh produce transportation; and warmer/heating systems to meet the unique needs of food trucks, catering businesses, and hot food delivery.

  1. All Products are Made by ATC

All our products are engineered and manufactured in North America by ATC: We provide reliable and efficient products to accommodate any company’s needs.

  1. We Accommodate Overnight Operation

Our products have an electric standby available on all units for overnight operation. Perfect for businesses that have strict delivery times. Especially if the products being delivered are perishable foods that expire quickly.

  1. We Provide Custom Modifications

We offer custom modifications for special needs and unique applications. Custom upgrades include organized shelving and cupboards to truck refrigeration units with dual temperature settings. Our units come with digital displays that can be installed in-cab and the rear. This allows the driver to keep track of temperatures while en route to their destination.

  1. Our Units Come in Multiple Sizes

We manufacture more sizes and capacities to accommodate all your cooling and heating needs. Our units are designed for any type of mobile delivery from a detachable trailer and sprinter/delivery vans to medium or large-sized trucks. Great for the unique needs of ice cream trucks, hot foods/lunch trucks, and grocery delivery vans just to name a few.

  1. Professional & Aesthetically Pleasing Units

Our units are designed to be both aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing. A powerful system doesn’t have to be bulky or loud. We offer professional quality and powerful performance with a sleek look to match.

  1. Affordable Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are in many cases “off the shelf” and readily available. If at any time you need replacements, repairs, or upgrades contact our customer service representatives today.

  1. Lower Cost of Ownership

We provide an overall lower cost of ownership. Not only are our products affordable, but they are also reliable, easy to maintain, and easy to operate.

 If you are new to the field of truck refrigeration and delivery, attaining the most up to date systems will save you time and money in the long run. Whether you are new to reefers or not, having the right refrigeration solution for your deliveries is a must.

 Advanced Temperature Control manufactures a complete line of direct drive, nose mount, and rooftop truck refrigeration systems. Our 27 years of experience provides you with the perfect solutions for small van and truck refrigeration needs. Don’t hesitate to contact our specialists for more information about our services and elite product line.

Truck Refrigeration to Meet Any Distributors Needs

Finding reliable truck refrigeration or reefer systems to transport time and temperature sensitive goods does not have to be a hassle. If you are in the market for truck refrigeration units to meet your distribution needs, then consider the services and solutions offered by Advanced Temperature Control (ATC). Direct drive Van and truck refrigeration vehicles are one of the most innovative ways to transport perishable products safely. ATC utilizes the most effective reefer systems necessary to meet a variety of product needs, from floral and dairy products to frozen meats and raw foods.   

Food and Health Safety

Food safety regulations play an important role in the supply, delivery, and consumption of goods. For instance, businesses that specialize in and distribute delectable chocolate and fresh fruit bouquet arrangements need a cold environment during transport. It helps prevent less than desirable results, like melted chocolate bouquets and rotten fruit slices. Meat delivery, for example, requires cooler temperatures to prevent bacterial growth and/or rotting.

Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt need colder temperatures to prevent curdling, souring, or mold. Poultry such as chicken, turkey, pheasant, and eggs need cold, precise temperatures to prevent bacteria like salmonella. Truck refrigeration is especially important in the delivery and distribution of seafood for the same health and safety reasons.

Hazardous foodborne illnesses are not something to take lightly, which is why having the right truck refrigeration unit is paramount. Especially when it comes to transporting and delivering any type of food products that are meant for consumption.

For many products, refrigerated delivery is not an option, It Is A Must! Choose a solution by ATC Truck Refrigeration.

Product Quality

Specific temperature controls are necessary to maintain the fresh quality of floral products. Without the advent of the truck and van refrigeration units, flower delivery would not have reached the heights it has today. This is because cooler environments prolong the quality of many floral products. Roses, lilies, carnations, and tulips, for example, require different temperatures than tropical floral and fauna plants.

Flowers are temperature sensitive based on the region they originate from and the wrong temperatures can cause shock resulting in the plant withering and dying. Floral products are temperamental which is why it’s highly-recommended that van and truck refrigeration units be used for quality supply and delivery.

Our Truck Refrigeration Units

ATC offers several types of reefer systems to meet any of your distribution needs. Before considering your options, it’s important to take into account the products being delivered and the type of vehicle(s) used. The average exterior temperature and heat that the products give off are also reviewed. We offer customized solutions as well as convenient digital temperature controls that have cool to frozen temperature settings. These considerations help provide a reliable and cost-effective refrigeration solution. 

Roof Mounted Systems
When using small or medium-sized vans or trucks, roof-mounted systems are recommended. The unit is mounted on the roof of the chassis for optimal refrigeration efficiency.

Nose Mounted Systems
Bigger vehicles like large boxed trucks and trailers use nose mounted systems. The unit is mounted on the front-end or nose of the cargo box and requires additional reinforcements for security and added stability.

The ATC14-RT rooftop mounted condenser.
Whether it’s a fleet or a single delivery van, you can trust ATC direct drive refrigeration systems to perform continuously day after day, year after year. You’ll sleep better at night knowing your fresh and frozen goods are safe, kept at the perfect temperature by reliable ATC units.

Companies That Love Our Refrigeration 

The following are examples of companies that value the truck refrigeration systems ATC provided.

Big Country Raw sells raw pet food that contains a variety of meats like beef, chicken, duck, pork, turkey, and more. They rely on refrigeration units for delivery in order to ensure the quality of their dog food. The company stated “ATC has proven to be reliable, easy to operate and after a busy day of 50 deliveries, still able to maintain the temps. I would strongly recommend ATC to anyone seeking reliable and cost-effective refrigeration equipment for their delivery fleet.”

Westbrook Floral is a flower business located in Grimsby, Ontario. They appreciated our services by saying “ATC gives me one less thing to worry about. Excellent product, easy to maintain, easy to operate and a company that stands behind the product. Without doubt, I would strongly recommend ATC to anyone requiring engine driven refrigeration systems”

Rosa Flora is located in Dunnville, Ontario and has had great success with ATC’s truck refrigeration units to safely transport their flower bouquets to their customers. They stated “we’ve been able to maintain steady temperatures on our trucks in both warm and cold temperatures. This is very important in maintaining the temperature across the cold chain, from our facilities to our customer locations across Ontario, Quebec and the North Eastern United States. ATC’s products have been very reliable. It’s a trusted product that mates nicely with our trucks and we have found that it keeps our product at the right temperature, all year long.”

Contact Advanced Temperature Control

Advanced Temperature Control has knowledgeable experts and decades of experience working with van and truck refrigeration installation. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information about our products and services.

Do I Need a Refrigerated Truck For My Business

The need for a refrigerated truck, van, or trailer continues to grow as the world of online ordering and home-delivery gains popularity. Reefer trucks are often used on a commercial level, supplying large chain grocery stores with perishable goods. Refrigerated vans, trucks, and trailers are also customized to fit the needs of any business, small or large. If it isn’t clear whether you need a refrigerated van or truck, then consider the following details.  

What Is Your Merchandise?

Finding a refrigerated truck, van, or fleet of reefers depends heavily on the products and services you provide. Here are some typical mobile refrigeration examples

Refrigerated truck fleet using ATC nose mount systems.

Westbrook Refrigerated Fleet uses ATC nose mount refrigerated systems

Restaurant delivery vehicles are an important part of the business as their menus become available online. To fulfill the online orders, they require a safe and quick way to deliver freshly cooked meals.

Catering Businesses commonly rely on refrigerated vans to safely store fresh ingredients and prepared food. They often need customized units to accommodate all the food, cooking, and serving tools necessary for each event.

Refrigerated delivery van fleet using ATC rooftop systems.

Delaware Valley Floral Sprinter and Transit reefer delivery fleet, uses ATC16-RT to guarantee freshness.

Frozen Meat such as steak, pork, chicken, and seafood require refrigerated trucks to make deliveries. Large and small game meats like elk, venison, pheasant, and rabbit still need coolers, ice boxes, or refrigerated trucks to store them. Businesses that specialize in game and ground meats need refrigerated truck methods for safe distribution.
Floral Distribution from big chain suppliers and local shops rely on refrigerated means to keep their flora and fauna as fresh as possible.
Refrigerated compact delivery van running ATC14RT on Nissan NV200

Edible Arrangements uses an ATC-14RT to ensure fresh product deliveries.

Snack and Vending companies typically use a refrigerated truck or van to refill their machines. Without them, the soft drinks would be warm and the candy bars would melt.

Food service and home delivery companies need refrigerated vehicles to supply their customers. Examples of such companies would include home grocery delivery, meal services, and deli delivery.


What Are Your Equipment Needs?  

The major factors to take into account when considering your own fleet of refrigerated vehicles is the type of cargo being transported and the driving distance. The kind of cargo helps determine the temperatures needed to maintain the quality of the products. The driving distance and number of stops helps determine what kind of refrigerated unit is needed to control the desired temperatures until the final destination and products are delivered.

These details are needed to properly customize a vehicle and equip it with the right refrigeration system. Doing so will help save you time and money by avoiding costly mistakes. For example, buying high operating cost diesel units or buying a van and realizing the cargo volume doesn’t come close to the space needed for all the merchandise.

Properly reviewing these details with van and truck refrigeration experts will help you understand all your possible equipment needs. Equipment options to consider are pre-kitting, adjustable shelving, dual cargo temperature controls, and wireless tracking.

Pre-kitting helps consolidate routes and lower truck inventory in order to transition to smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. Adjustable shelving helps keep everything organized, which helps maximize storage space. Dual cargo temperature controls give the driver the ability to maintain two temperatures for sensitive cargo, like frozen goods and dairy. Wireless tracking helps you keep track of vehicle speeds, idle time, and fuel economy. These equipment options help save on operating costs by increasing payload efficiency and maximizing fuel economy. Additionally, it can help increase your business’ revenue stream by maintaining quality control of the products.

What kind of refrigerated truck do you need?

Do you know the difference between a nose-mounted refrigeration unit and a roof mounted one? Knowing this will help you better understand what mobile refrigeration entails and the best possible unit to use on your vehicles.
Roof mounted units are designed for compact to large high top, extended wheelbase vans.
Nose mounted units are designed for medium to large boxed trucks and trailers to support a variety of urban delivery applications. 

Who Can Help

Finding the right experts who know about van and truck refrigeration is tough without knowing where to look. Fortunately, Advanced Temperature Control (ATC) has 30 years of experience in customizing, engineering, and manufacturing tough, reliable direct drive mobile refrigeration units and heating systems. We have an extensive dealer network and offer a variety of options to meet mobile refrigeration needs. Don’t hesitate to contact ATC if you have any questions or would like to learn more about their services.

Truck Refrigeration to meet any distributors needs
ATC Refrigeration – 10 things to know about our Truck Refrigeration 
Considerations for Refrigerated delivery
Refrigeration Delivery Trucks

Imagine Life Without Refrigerated Trucks

Trying to operate a business without the right delivery vehicles to transport your goods may be tough; especially if those products require colder temperatures during transport. A refrigerated truck would be the most recommended choice when it comes to transporting temperature sensitive items. Meat, dairy, flowers, and medicines are only a few examples of products that are delivered safely using reefers. Attempting to transport such items without refrigerated trucks is difficult to imagine.

Finding a refrigerated truck to meet all your needs is not a daunting task when you know where to look. Advanced Temperature Control (ATC) has over 30 years of experience with truck and van refrigeration systems. Our experts can help determine the best possible method to use for refrigerated trucks or vans.

Life Without Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated truck and van systems have a wide array of applications when it comes to transportation and delivery. They are often used in the floral industry as well as bakery, meat, dairy, and other food transport companies. Refrigerated trucks are an efficient way of maintaining fresh products and temperature sensitive freight. Keeping products maintained at precise temperatures during transport helps ensure a smooth delivery whether they are used for large chain suppliers, local shops, or individual business owners.

Life without refrigerated trucks would make it difficult for many industries to safely transport their time and temperature sensitive goods and the following short list are examples of businesses that would not be as successful without refrigerated reefer trucks.

Food Industry

The food industry would be impacted greatly without refrigerated trucks because perishable foods are extremely time sensitive. Without the use of refrigerated trucks, there would be a limited amount of perishable food items compared to what is seen in most grocery stores today. Businesses that deal with fresh or frozen food products would be affected including large chain grocery stores, locally owned markets, and individually owned delivery vehicles, food trucks and carts.

The advent of online ordering has helped increase the need for high performance refrigerated transport vehicles. Some prime examples of online orders that contribute to the need for reefers are home grocery delivery, catering services, and restaurant delivery. Other common uses for refrigerated vehicles include seafood, poultry, and bakery delivery as well as snack and vending services.  

Refrigerated compact delivery van - Edible Arrangements uses an ATC-14RT to ensure fresh product deliveries.

Delivery of the finest quality Meats, Seafood, Poultry and Pastas made possible with ATC's Refrigerated trucks.

ATC's Van Refrigeration guarantees fresh fruit and veggies for Field Goods, Athens, NY.

Imagining life without refrigerated trucks would be like trying to imagine life without grocery stores. Meat and dairy products that need to be transported great distances would spoil. Ice cream would melt, so the idea of ice cream trucks would be a distant dream. Catering businesses and grocery/meal drop-off companies would find it more challenging to deliver fresh goods or edible arrangements.

Floral Industry

The floral industry relies on temperature controlled environments when delivering potted plants and freshly cut flowers. Many floral and gardening shops use refrigerated vans and trucks to deliver fresh products to their customers. Without the advantages of a refrigerated transport vehicle, flowers and plants would wither and die faster. Virtually every flower shop would have to say goodbye to delicate deliveries of freshly cut bouquets.


Medical Supply

Many people forget that the medical supply industry utilizes refrigerated trucks and vans when transporting temperature sensitive substances and materials. Certain medicines often require chilled environments whether they are in the medical lab or not. This means the transportation of life-saving medicines would be non-existent without the advent of safe refrigerated transport. It would be harsh to imagine life without refrigerated trucks/vans, especially when taking into account hospitals full of suffering patients who cannot get access to the medicine they need.


The electronics industry often requires cooler temperatures for their products. This is because items such as set-top boxes, modems, and servers operate best in air-conditioned/cooler environments. This helps prevent overheating and prolongs the life of that piece of technology. Companies that require onboard computers and servers would no longer be able to operate their equipment efficiently if they did not have access to a refrigerated truck, van, or trailer.

Ask The Experts

ATC has the expertise to provide you with all of your truck refrigeration needs whether the products need to stay fresh, cool, or frozen. We also offer dual temperature settings for folks that need a reefer to transport both frozen and fresh goods. These options allow smooth transportation for trucks delivering frozen meat and fresh dairy products.

Acquiring the right refrigerated truck or van depends on the services that you offer or the type of freight that will be delivered. We offer rooftop and nose mounted units for van and truck systems, designed to perform and built to last with top-of-line upgrades to keep up with the competitive nature of today’s delivery services. Life without refrigerated trucks and vans does not have to be a reality, just contact ATC to help with your product transportation needs.