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Refrigeration units that use to vehicle engine to power the system versus systems that use additional engines to power the units.

Refrigerated Trucks Spreading Christmas Cheer

The holidays are here and Christmas is right around the corner. A refrigerated truck, van, and trailer play an important role during the holiday season. Many people may not realize it, but the cold, sometimes freezing temperatures, can negatively impact the products and services being delivered. Don’t let your merchandise go to waste, consider a top of the line refrigerated truck, van, or trailer.

A Refrigerated Truck Delivers Christmas Cheer

What if you couldn’t deliver flowers to friends and/or family over the holidays? Floral companies take advantage of refrigerated vans and small reefer trucks because controlled temperatures play an important part in the life of the plants. Temperatures that are too hot or too cold can result in wilted merchandise, causing huge losses.

Don’t put the goods at risk, take a look at Advanced Temperature Control for refrigeration solutions you can trust through the rough winter months. Rosa Flora and Westbrook Floral Ltd for instance, use ATC’s refrigerated trucks to deliver festive flower arrangements to patrons wanting to wish someone special a Merry Christmas.

Floral delivery refrigerated truck. Let ATC choose a solution for your products.

Refrigerated delivery for Delaware Valley Floral utilizes ATC's proven Truck Refrigeration systems.

Westbrook Refrigerated Fleet uses ATC nose mount refrigerated systems to ensure freshness in every delivery.

Food delivery companies also take advantage of refrigerated vans, trucks, and trailers for perishable bouquets. For example, the popularity of fruit and candy bouquets continues. If the proper temperatures are not maintained, dessert bouquets would be ruined, such as chocolate covered strawberries and yogurt dipped peaches. Candies would melt, fruits would sour,  small businesses would lose money and customers would be disappointed.

Food Delivery Over The Holidays

With the winter months upon us, consumers are starting to look more into ordering their food online for home delivery. Today, you can simply go on your smartphone, click on an APP and order groceries or meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Refrigerated mobile solutions today are capable of maintaining dual temperatures for products that require different settings. Perfect for businesses that need to deliver hot meals while managing to keep desserts chilled or frozen.

Fresh produce, seafood, and meat delivery, all utilize refrigerated trucks, vans, and trailers to maintain the quality of their goods. Foods like fruits, vegetables, salmon, shrimp, beef, and chicken are all temperature sensitive. They require controlled environments to prevent any bacterial growth.

Edible Arrangements uses an ATC14-RT reefer to ensure fresh product delivery every time.Guaranteeing freshness in every delivery for Martel with refrigeration systems from ATC.ATC's Van Refrigeration guarantees fresh fruit and veggies for Field Goods, Athens, NY.

 Foodborne illnesses are a prime example of why it’s important to use a reliable refrigerated truck. Food and safety are a priority concern when it comes to perishable goods and delivery. Bacteria growth on foods could cause serious illnesses such as salmonella, listeria, norovirus, or E. coli.

Finding a reliable refrigeration solution does not have to be a hassle when taking into account these illustrations. At ATC, we stand by our refrigeration solutions and can help folks who are new to reefers or people seeking to upgrade their fleet.

Understanding Your Equipment

It’s important to understand what kind of vehicle would best suit your business needs. Some businesses need refrigerated vans and other companies require refrigerated trucks to transport larger products.

Nose-Mounted Refrigerated Units

These units are commonly used for small or medium-sized refrigerated trucks, vans, and trailers. These units are smaller than roof-mounted ones and are installed on the front-end of the chassis. An installation like this gives you easier access to take care of any maintenance needs. Some examples of companies that utilize nose-mounted refrigerated trucks are floral delivery and frozen meal delivery.

Roof-Mounted Refrigerated Units

These types of units are typically used for large refrigerated trucks, vans, and trailers. Although they are larger than a nose-mounted unit, the power required is necessary to maintain controlled environments for larger deliveries. Some companies that would utilize a roof-mounted unit are dairy delivery, frozen meats, seafood, fish, and poultry companies. These units can also be used on large vans that have been upgraded with extended roofs or for small cargo vans. Small catering businesses and food vendors often use these types of units for their refrigerated truck or van.

How ATC Can Help

ATC offers over 30 years of experience with refrigeration solutions and has the expertise to help small and large businesses alike. Our experts can help you find the right refrigeration unit to meet your delivery needs so you are ready for deliveries over the holiday. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

The Importance of Customized Van Refrigeration

Many businesses have built their foundation on the performance of their specialized vehicles, particularly those that utilize truck and van refrigeration. As technology continues to grow, newer, more innovative methods are being developed to improve their efficiency. This includes using the most effective ways to customize reefers. There are several factors you want to consider while exploring customized truck or van refrigeration options:

Cargo Differences

Before customizing your cargo vehicle, you must consider what kind of refrigeration is needed. For example, frozen goods, dairy products, food, and floral services all require different temperature controls to maintain the product. It is important to recognize those needs in order to implement the right customization for truck or van refrigeration.

Equipment Needs 

There are several viable options that can help improve fuel economy and storage capacity. When it comes to customizing the interior of the vehicle, consider options like adjustable shelving, pre-kitting, wireless tracking, and dual cargo temperature controls.

Pre-kitting allows the drivers to consolidate their routes and lower truck inventory. This helps transition to smaller vehicles with better fuel efficiency and fewer maintenance costs.

Businesses today are taking advantage of technology growth and aligning their products or services to grow with it. Pre-kitting is a popular method of increasing revenue, saving on operation costs, and improving payload efficiency. 

Wireless tracking is another growing trend that allows operators to monitor their customized van refrigeration units. With this tool, they are able to keep track of the vehicle’s speed and idle time. Additionally, it helps keep track of fuel economy and the fuel cost needed to operate your fleet.

Compact Delivery Van with shelves using ATC8-RT for freshness in every Bakery delivery

Compact Delivery Van with shelves using ATC 8 Series for Bakery delivery

Temperature Adjustments

Customized van refrigeration does not have to be a difficult and confusing process that exceeds your wallet. Having a top-notch temperature display and system controller that saves on energy costs is only one of the customization benefits offered at Advanced Temperature Controls.

Mobile refrigeration has been able to keep up with advancing technologies, which includes ways of saving on energy costs while improving operational efficiency. With these types of customizations, you can easily track temperature variances with a digital temperature control system, with displays in the cargo area and in the cab. 

Digital temperature display and controller to ensure the desired temperature, always.


Proper Insulation

Proper insulation is an integral part of the customization process because it helps maximize desired temperature retention. Consideration in design to enable “the box” or cargo area to breath and vent moisture is necessary to prevent mold.

High-performance van refrigeration units most often utilize the top of the line high-density foam insulation to gain that reputation. Having proper insulation in your reefer prevents exterior temperatures from getting in while preventing interior temperatures from escaping.

Insulation maintains the desired temperatures for quality cargo refrigeration needs and protects products from getting contaminated or damaged by preventing air, heat, or moisture from getting in.

ATC16-RT evaporator inside a nicely lined cargo area. Part of the refrigeration system inside this MB Sprinter.

Lined reefer cargo van

Roof Mounted versus Nose Mounted Systems

If you are using small, medium or large vans or trucks, customizing your reefer with a roof mounted unit would be the ideal choice. Having a delivery fleet of frozen products, soft drinks, or dairy products that use vans, for instance, would require certain specifications. The amount of insulation and recommended temperatures of the products during transport would need to be taken into account. Furthermore, the average outdoor temperature and the amount of heat the products actually give off will need to be considered. Once these factors are figured out, the amount of refrigeration for the unit can be decided.

For larger boxed trucks or trailers a nose-mounted refrigeration unit would be recommended and requires unique reinforcements in the front wall to support the weight or the unit.

Direct drive refrigeration units are great for food service delivery, dairy treats, and floral services. With customized van refrigeration from Advanced Temperature Controls, you will not have to worry about having fewer options than a diesel powered system. Operators will have just as many benefits, like easy access temperature controls, great fuel economy, and smooth operation.

Choosing Van Refrigeration Solutions

 Advanced Temperature Control (ATC) understands the importance of customized van refrigeration. We specialize in tailoring #reefers to fit cargo and operators specifications and needs. Keeping up with advancing technologies is tantamount to meeting the demands of a growing industry. Mobile refrigeration is a competitive market and Advanced Temperature Controls offers customized solutions to fit the needs of any fleet. Meeting all regulatory and safety requirements for delivering fresh or frozen products won’t be a hassle when you have the right customized van refrigeration solutions.
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