How To Solve The Biggest Problem With A Refrigerated Delivery Truck

Choosing the right reefer system for your refrigerated delivery truck or van can be overwhelming, especially when considering the additional ongoing expenses such as regular maintenance, repairs, and upkeep. ATC’s refrigeration units do not require any expensive additional diagnostic equipment or software for the units to be repaired and serviced. Furthermore, at Advanced Temperature Control (ATC), electrical power distribution components are readily available and do not force the customer to return to the dealership in order to purchase expensive, brand-specific electrical distribution components. Simplicity; Designed To Perform and Built To Last.

What Do You Need?

In order to find the right refrigerated delivery truck or van, the first course of action is solving the biggest problem, the cost. This means consulting with mobile refrigeration experts to better understand exactly what is needed to meet your transportation needs. The type of refrigeration unit that will be used depends upon the products being transported, the driving distances for deliveries, and the external environment. Once such details are figured out, the overall cost becomes much clearer.

Perishable Goods

Storing and transporting time and/or temperature sensitive goods means following the proper health and safety steps. For example, meat, poultry, and seafood delivery require frozen temperatures to prevent rotting. If the proper temperatures are not maintained, it could increase the risk of losing all of your products. Even if part of the meat, poultry, or seafood stays frozen, possible contaminants from the rotting goods play a factor. This could lead to foodborne illnesses which will negatively impact your whole business.

Having a reliable distribution plan means ensuring the proper refrigerated unit is fitted to the right vehicle. The unit must be capable of preventing merchandise from getting damaged by keeping it frozen, cool, at room temperature, or warm as needed.

Driving Distances

When transporting perishable goods you have to take into account whether you will be delivering locally or long distance. A refrigerated delivery truck needs to be able to maintain proper electrical functioning throughout the trip. If you customize a refrigerated truck for local deliveries, like fresh cut bouquets of flowers, then it’s plausible that the unit may not be able to handle long-distance transport. Keep in mind the mileage you expect to accumulate.

Without an up-to-date and dependable refrigerated truck, the cost of repairs and maintenance may take you by surprise. Avoid expenses like complicated engine repairs, software issues, or replacing electrical distribution components by ensuring the refrigerated truck could handle the storage and mileage from the beginning.

Predictable Temperatures

Many folks don’t realize that the outside environment plays a large part in what kind of refrigerated unit should be used. Not all delivery routes are created equal and outside temperatures can have a negative impact on your perishable goods. The unit has to be reliable enough to withstand external temperatures, whether it’s below freezing or record-breaking hot. When searching for an affordable refrigerated truck, van, or trailer, don’t avoid such details.

The biggest problem with a refrigerated truck or fleet of vans is the cost. It’s important to note this ‘cost’ includes everything, from the electrical distribution components to regular maintenance or repair needs. To save on long-term costs avoid the trap of having to buy brand specific electrical distribution components. Invest in a refrigeration unit that does not require constant and complicated repairs or equipment replacements.

It’s also highly recommended that you seek expert advice on refrigeration solutions. Taking into account the aforementioned details will help figure out what the best type of unit for your refrigerated truck, van, or trailer is.

We Can Help

Tackling the cost associated with the ownership and operation of a refrigerated truck, van, or trailer does not have to be stressful. With our top-notch electrical equipment and most up-to-date refrigeration units, you can expect long-term performance. Advanced Temperature Control (ATC)  has been helping businesses achieve their mobile refrigeration transport goals since 1990. Our extensive dealer network includes coverage in all of North America, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Guam.

It’s easy to see how our refrigeration solutions make facing expenses less of a hassle. We have readily available electrical distribution components and an expansive dealer network. These options alone provide excellent convenience while saving you money on ownership, operation, and maintenance.

Our refrigeration units are built to last and designed to perform. If you would like more information on mobile refrigeration, contact us today.

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