Refrigeration Units for Cargo Vans, Food Trucks, & Temperature Controlled Trailers

Advanced Temperature Control has been proudly manufacturing in North America for over 25 years. As a manufacturer of direct drive van and truck refrigeration systems, we offer a solution to fit your needs, whether than means a refrigerated food truck, temperature controlled trailer, or refrigeration units for cargo vans! To arrive fresh, products need precise and constant temperature control during transportation. Our line of Truck Refrigeration products has been continuously updated and improved to meet the requirements of today’s competitive markets.

Refrigerated delivery truck with an ATC nose mounted system with optional electric standby. Call 1-833-878-5282 for more info.


Advanced Temperature Control’s Nose Mount transport refrigeration systems are designed to operate with a direct drive compressor. All units are supplied with ABS (UV) protected covers, In-Cab control with digital cargo box temperature display, condenser fan cycle control and high/low pressure protection.

Over the years ATC has continuously updated and improved our systems and offer a wide selection of solutions, engineered for medium or low temperature operation depending on the temperature requirement for the cargo area.

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Floral delivery vans with ATC roof mounted refrigeration systems. Call 1-800-295-4156 fro more info.


Many businesses are looking to add smaller more fuel efficient vehicles to their delivery fleet. Over the years Advanced Temperature Control has continuously updated and improved refrigeration units for cargo vans.
From a small cargo van to a high roof extended wheel base van, we have you covered with a wide selection of systems, available for medium or low temperature.

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The ATC8-RT is a roof mount 12VDC all-electric unit for compact vans where an auxiliary compressor can't be mounted on the vehicles engine.


As a Mercedes-Benz certified master upfitter, ATC refrigeration solutions turns your MB Sprinter & Metris into refrigerated delivery vans.

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Refrigerated Ford Transit Food Truck with ATC roof mounted refrigeration system. Call 1-833-878-5282 for more info.


Discover how ATC’s transport refrigeration systems can easily turn your Ford Transit van into a refrigerated Ford Transit. We specialize in custom solutions!

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Refrigerated delivery truck with an ATC nose mounted refrigeration system- Call 1-833-878-5282 for more info.


ATC is located adjacent to the Niagara Peninsula, which is the home of some of Canada’s largest fresh flower distributors. To arrive fresh and vibrant, flowers and/or plants need precise and constant temperature to survive during the transportation to their final destination. In Canada the temperatures can range from well below freezing to close to 100F or 40C on hot summer days.

The solution was to develop units that can not only cool to the precise temperature, but automatically switch to a hot water heating mode if required. Flower distributors can now transport their products knowing that the pre-set temperature that is ideal for their product will be maintained regardless of outside ambient temperatures.

Rosa Flora is a long standing customer of ATC. Watch a video of Operations Manager Ralph Deboer share his experience with our product and service.

Nose Mounted Temperature Controlled Trailer System


There has been an increase in demand for refrigerated trailers instead of truck mounted refrigerated truck bodies to allow for improved fleet flexibility. These trailers require independent electrically driven refrigeration systems which are either powered by a tongue mounted electric generator or shore power. ATC has developed specialized systems which are completely contained on the trailer and does not require any power from the tow vehicle.