Products: ATC8-RT

The ATC8-RT is an electric rooftop mounted 12VDC unit for insulated compact vans where an auxiliary compressor cannot be mounted on the vehicle engine. Clean refrigeration for your urban delivery needs.

Standard Features

  • Split design D.C driven system
  • Spal Axial flow motors
  • Heavy duty D.C compressor drive motor
  • Seltec compact compressor assembly
  • Compressor time delay control
  • Internal drier assembly
  • Copper tube / aluminum fin coils
  • Compact ceiling mounted evaporator
  • Ceiling sweep airflow design
  • In-Cab control assembly
  • Digital box temperature display
  • High/Low pressure protection
  • Condenser fan cycle control
  • Automatic off cycle defrost.

Optional Features

  • IOTA switch mode power supply for overnight operation.
  • Larger capacity PLUS system for Low Temperature operation.


ATC offers a one year parts and labour warranty on every refrigeration system.

Product Literature


8M35F (1.7C)4,000 (1173)11753

* Capacities and weights are approximate

Specifications are subject to change without notice.