Products: ATC16-RT

The ATC16-RT features a powerful low profile rooftop mounted condenser with an optional twin compressor electric standby. This unit is designed to meet the refrigeration requirements of insulated high top and extended wheel base cargo vans.

Standard Features

  • Low profile roof mounted condenser & low profile ceiling mounted evaporator.
  • Engine driven compressor
  • ABS (UV) Protected covers
  • In-cab digital box display, programmable for Fahrenheit or Centigrade operation
  • High/Low pressure protection
  • Condenser fan cycle control
  • Automatic off cycle defrost control (medium temp)
  • Automatic hot gas defrost (low temp)
  • Rooftop electric Standby featuring dual 230V horizontal rotary compressors
  • Oil separation system (low temp and electric standby)

Optional Features

  • Engine coolant heat
  • 12VDC engine coolant circulating pump
  • Electric heat
  • Hot gas freeze protection (low temperature 404A OTR)


ATC offers a one year parts and labour warranty on every refrigeration system.

Product Literature


16M RT35F ( 1.7C)14,600 (4,282)17078
16L RT0F (-17.8C)8,700 (2,551)17078
16ME RT (230VAC)35F ( 1.7C)13,500 (3,957)305139
16LE RT (230VAC)0F (-17.8C)5,600 (1,641)305139

* Capacities and weights are approximate

Specifications are subject to change without notice.