Georgia Truck Refrigeration

Georgia truck refrigeration systems. Looking for a refrigerated truck or van for deliveries?  Want to ensure your product stays fresh? The refrigerated truck and van specialists at Emerald Transportation Solutions in Fayetteville offer the full line of ADVANCED TEMPERATURE CONTROL (ATC) refrigeration systems.
Emerald Transportation Solutions is your one stop shop for all your insulated vehicle needs.  From compact vans to 28’ straight trucks, they will design and build the perfect solution for your company.  They work with all chassis, body and refrigeration unit manufacturers like Advanced Temperature Control (ATC) to ensure you get the right delivery vehicle.
Refrigerated Truck and Van specialists
Advanced Temperature Control is dedicated to refrigeration of vans and straight truck applications and has been proudly manufacturing Truck Refrigeration products in North America for over 25 years. Our line of direct drive van and truck refrigeration systems, has been continuously updated and improved to meet the requirements of today’s competitive markets.
As a Certified Mercedes Benz Master Upfitter,  ATC Truck Refrigeration is a member of an exclusive network of Master Upfitters. Our Refrigerated Sprinter and Metris solutions consistently meet the high-quality standards expected from Mercedes-Benz.


Choosing the right reefer system for your refrigerated delivery truck or van can be over whelming. ATC offers several types of refrigeration units to meet your distribution needs. Whether it’s a fleet or a single delivery van, our direct drive refrigeration systems perform consistently, as they’re Designed To Perform and Built to Last. Your confidence is assured in knowing your fresh and frozen goods are safe, kept at perfect temperature by reliable ATC refrigeration units and we offer a one year parts and labor warranty on every refrigeration system.

  • ATC is an endorsed, Mercedes Benz Master Upfitter delivering quality engineered solutions for over 25 years.
  • Delivering temperature and time-sensitive goods are made easier with a proven, dependable refrigerated solution from ATC.
  • ATC’s refrigeration units do not require “special”  diagnostic equipment or software for the units to be repaired and serviced.
  • ATC’s electrical power distribution components are readily available and don’t require brand specific components.
  • ATC has a proven record of ensuring fresh deliveries and achieving business objectives.
  • Simplicity; Designed To Perform and Built To Last. 

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“It was important to have a manufacturer of Refrigeration equipment that could easily meet our needs and we’ve had great success with the ATC units. They’ve proven to be reliable, easy to operate and after a busy day of 50 deliveries, still able to maintain the temps. I would strongly recommend ATC to anyone seeking reliable and cost effective refrigeration equipment for their delivery fleet.”

Advanced Temperature Control is the solution provider you need for all your transport refrigeration solutions. 
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