Direct Drive Refrigeration Systems

For over 30 years, ATC has built a reputation for manufacturing direct drive truck and van refrigeration systems. We are proud to offer eco-friendly, efficient and cost-effective systems to refrigerate our vehicles. The Reefers are powered by the vehicle engine as opposed to systems that use additional diesel engines to power the units. It is our priority to continuously update and improve our line of direct drive truck refrigeration products to meet the requirements of today’s competitive markets.

Direct Drive Truck and Van Refrigeration Systems

Truck refrigeration units are divided into non-independent and independent refrigeration units, depending on the power source driving the refrigeration system. Independent refrigeration units use a separate small diesel engine to power the refrigeration system, Non-independent truck refrigeration units or direct driven truck refrigeration units, get their name and power from the vehicle’s engine to drive a refrigeration compressor. The compressor is mounted within the engine compartment to a dual mount kit supporting an additional compressor that enables refrigeration to the cargo area. The mounting of the compressor to the vehicle’s engine is critical to the operation of the system and so close work with the vehicle manufacturer’s to ensure compatibility with the vehicle’s engine, optimum performance and most importantly, reliability is done.

Nose or Front Mounted Truck Refrigeration Unit 

Installing the condenser in the front of truck containers or the box is called Nose or Front mounted refrigeration systems.

Martel refrigerated delivery trucks ensures freshness with ATC nosemount systems. Call ATC today to discuss your refrigerated solution.



Roof Top Mounted Van Refrigeration Units

Installing the condenser on the roof of the van or cargo area is called roof mounted or Roof Top Van refrigeration units.

Delaware Valley Floral Sprinter and Transit reefer delivery fleet, uses ATC16-RT to guarantee freshness in every delivery.



What Sets ATC Apart

The Mercedes-Benz Master Upfitter program ensures that Mercedes-Benz only works with top upfitters and bodybuilding specialists. As a certified Master Upfitter, ATC Truck Refrigeration is a member of this exclusive network of Master Upfitters. Our Refrigerated Sprinter and Metris solutions meet the high-quality standards expected from Mercedes-Benz and remain diligent in our commitment to self-certification practices including Body and Equipment Guidelines.

Our custom refrigeration solutions are direct drive which means our solutions are powered by the vehicle’s engine. With this feature, the refrigeration unit becomes an integrated and more reliable delivery vehicle. Furthermore, it can help avoid the added operational cost of a secondary diesel engine and delivers the dependability needed to efficiently transport the goods. To further simplify, the ongoing cost of operation our electrical systems have been designed without complex circuit boards and other costly components.  We use the standard “off the shelf” components so our customers can replace parts at an affordable price.

Through our extensive dealer network, we provide ongoing service support and installation with coverage throughout North America, Guam, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, to ensure your company has the best and most efficient direct drive refrigeration system to ensure the consistent and safe delivery of your products.

At Advanced Temperature Control, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products. We’re confident our direct drive refrigeration systems will give you peace of mind, knowing your products are safe, kept at the perfect temperature by reliable ATC units. Call us today at 1-833-878-5282Designed To Perform and Built To Last.