About Us – We Engineer Confidence

Advanced Temperature Control offers a line of Direct Drive Van and Truck Refrigeration products to meet the requirements of today’s competitive markets. 

With an extensive dealer network providing coverage throughout North America, Guam, Hawaii and Puerto Rico which offers both installation and on-going service support, Advanced Temperature Control gives you the peace of mind and confidence you require to support your mobile refrigeration needs.


Advanced Temperature Control (ATC) is a division of Arctic Traveler (Canada) Limited located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, approximately one hour drive from Buffalo, New York. Arctic Traveler was originally founded in 1960 and has always focused on the application of Air-Conditioning, Heating, Pressurization and Refrigeration of cabins and cargo areas of mobile vehicles, both on-road and off-road. In 1990, Arctic Traveler developed the Advanced Temperature Control (ATC) line of direct drive transport refrigeration solutions for Vans and Trucks. 

Whether it’s a fleet or a single refrigerated truck, you can trust ATC Truck Refrigeration systems to perform consistently day after day.

ATC Truck Refrigeration manufactures direct drive transport refrigeration solutions for Vans and Trucks, which are designed to perform and built to last.

All ATC transport refrigeration solutions have been designed to optimize the overall ownership experience and eliminate negative experiences associated with vehicle downtime. To simplify the repair and troubleshooting process, the electrical system has been designed to remove complex circuit boards and wherever possible, standard “off the shelf” name brand components have been used to improve the availability of replacement parts. There are no difficult to obtain or expensive replacement parts in an ATC refrigeration unit.

We are very proud of our equipment and so are our customers, please visit our testimonial page to see what our customers have to say and watch our video to learn more about Transport Refrigeration by Advanced Temperature Control.

“Overall, I believe ATC is a good solid company that offers a good product line along with excellent customer support. I would highly recommend them to any potential dealers.”  –   Frank Pechacek, President, Vision-Aire,  Texas