5 Fast Facts About Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated trucks and vans have contributed to a network of growing delivery markets. They are the perfect resource for businesses looking to deliver quality products and services. A refrigerated truck could mean the difference between your perishable goods making it to the sales floor or the waste bin. Here are five fast facts to provide a deeper understanding of the benefits of a refrigerated truck or customized delivery vehicle.

1. Direct Drive Reliability

Our custom refrigeration solutions are direct drive systems. This means that our solutions are powered by the vehicle’s engine. With this feature, the refrigeration unit becomes a more reliable delivery vehicle. Furthermore, it can help avoid the added cost of a secondary diesel engine. With this type of design, the direct drive delivers the dependability needed to efficiently transport the goods.

2. Safe Product Transport

Refrigerated trucks have been used to transport a variety of products that range from life-saving medications to live insects and animals. Reefers have been used to transport honey bees and penguins, amongst other things, which need controlled temperatures when being transported between environments. Refrigerated vans and trailers have also benefited tech and electronic companies. Many people are unaware that certain electronic devices need cool to cold temperatures for optimal operating capacity.

Floral delivery companies also utilize refrigerated vans and trailers to keep their products from prematurely wilting. Companies that sell perfume often use refrigerated trucks because the merchandise needs to be maintained at cool temperatures. This prevents the chemicals in the perfumes and colognes from heating up and changing the scent. Galleries, Museums, and Art Firms often rely on refrigerated vehicles to deliver priceless artwork. This is especially important for older art pieces that have temperature sensitive paints, oils, and canvases.

3. Refrigeration and Heating Units

Your truck can have a refrigeration unit or a heating unit to ensure your goods are at the correct temperature during transport. Our direct drive refrigeration units are designed to meet any of your temperature needs. Perfect for folks looking for refrigerated vans with heating units to maintain their live fish en route to the pet store. If you’re looking for a refrigerated unit that can maintain freezing temperatures for meat, poultry, or seafood than consider our direct drive reefers.

Knowing which kind of refrigeration unit will work the best for your company or clients needs is only half the battle. There are two kinds of refrigeration systems available, roof mounted and nose mounted. Nose mounted refrigeration units are ideal for medium sized boxed trucks, trailers, and vans. The unit is installed on the outside front-end of the chassis. This design can make it easier to access the unit for regular maintenance needs. If you have lighter commercial delivery vehicles, like a fleet of vans, using a nose-mounted system may be recommended.

Roof-mounted refrigeration units are ideal for larger vans, trailers, and trucks. The amount of refrigeration needed depends on the average external temperature during transport, the preferred temperature for the products, the amount of heat the products can give off, and the amount of insulation the vehicle has. This type of unit is recommended for companies that specialize in delivering frozen meat, dairy, poultry, or seafood.

4. Reefers

Refrigerated trailers are referred to as reefers in the transportation industry. A refrigerated truck and van are also considered reefers for short. Essentially it’s a term used to describe any type of refrigerated delivery vehicle. There are businesses that have a fleet of reefers, indicating they have several delivery vehicles for their needs. If you’re interested in expanding your delivery chain, consider the fleet options available with ATC.

5. Customize Your Refrigerated Trucks

ATC designs and manufactures the refrigeration units, so we can easily customize a truck refrigeration solution to your client’s unique temperature needs. Floral companies, for instance, benefit from warm and cold temperatures for delivery. This is because of the variety of sensitive tropical plants available. With the right refrigeration unit, you can have multiple customized temperature settings, which is a feature known as dual temperature setting. It is great for various products requiring different temperatures during transport.

The cargo area is customized to accommodate multiple temperature sensitive products. One space is for the merchandise that needs cool temperatures while the other space can maintain a different environment and temperature level. For added convenience, the reefer can be designed with a temperature gauge inside the cargo area and inside the cab. This makes it easier to monitor the temperatures while the driver is en route to their destination.

Are you looking for a refrigerated truck, van or trailer for your company or clients? Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at ATC for your refrigeration solutions. We’ll match you with a refrigeration unit to meet your needs. Ask our customer service and knowledgeable staff about our top-notch, cost-effective refrigeration solutions.

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