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Refrigerated Ford Transit

A Wide Variety of Refrigeration Solutions

As a Fleet Manager, you know that your clients have different refrigeration needs. ATC has you covered with a wide variety of roof mounted refrigeration systems, all designed to maintain the desired temperature in the cargo area of your refrigerated Ford Transit.

All our systems are available for medium or low temperature operation depending on the temperature requirement for the cargo area.

Whether you need over the road operation only, or a system with electric standby for overnight operation, our refrigeration solutions have got you covered. If you need something unique we’ll even customize our solutions to ensure they absolutely meet your refrigeration and temperature control needs. Click here to see some of our custom refrigeration solutions!

A Reliable and Affordable Refrigerated Ford Transit

All our solutions are direct drive, meaning that they're powered by the engine of your Ford Transit, rather than by an expensive secondary diesel engine. This also ensures that the refrigeration system won't be prone to breakdowns and expensive system repairs.

ATC refrigeration solutions eliminate these unnecessary, failure-prone components in favor of proven technology and flawless manufacturing practices. With ATC, you'll get headache-free operation, and a lower cost of ownership and servicing.

As a Fleet Manager, our refrigeration solutions are sure to give you the edge you need, whether you need refrigeration for a fleet, or a single refrigerated Ford Transit.

Better Service

At ATC we know the importance of great service. It's why we work so hard to be responsive and do our best to maintain our short lead times. It's also why we offer the best parts and labor warranty on every van refrigeration system.

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